Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Gymnasts have been announced for the 2013 Europeans and for the 2013 Europeans Fantasy Gymnastics Tournament.

However, this is Nominative but if you need to change your teams, we'll contact you. 

If you need a review on the whole system go here but basically, pick 8 gymnasts and 2 reserves but you can only have 2 per nation and then submit your draft (best teams are broad and balanced with likely finalists.) Stick your name etc on your entry and wait. 

In your team, you need to put up 4 gymnasts on each apparatus so think wisely.

You'll be put into a Pool and if you win your get entered in the final and a random name picker will choose the winner (who will probably receive a prize)

From after you've read this, submit to

  • Lisa Ecker (Austria)
  • Elisa Hammerle (Austria)
  • Jasmin Mader (Austria)
  • Anastasiya Miklashevich (Belarus)
  • Katsiaryna Fiadutsik (Belarus)
  • Ralitsa Mileva (Bulgaria)
  • Tijana Tkalcec (Croatia)
  • Jana Sikulova (Czech Republic)
  • Kristina Palesova (Czech Republic)
  • Michelle Lauritsen (Denmark)
  • Mette Hulgaard (Denmark)
  • Mia Furu (Denmark)
  • Janneke Lanng (Denmark)
  • Maria Vargas (Spain)
  • Roxana Popa (Spain)
  • Maija Leinnonen (Finland)
  • Rosanna Ojala (Finland)
  • Annika Urvikko (Finland)
  • Ida Laisi (Finland)
  • Charlie Fellows (Great Britain)
  • Gabrielle Jupp (Great Britain)
  • Ruby Harrold (Great Britain)
  • Rebecca Downie (Great Britain)
  • Lisa Katherine Hill (Germany)
  • Janine Berger (Germany)
  • Sophie Scheder (Germany)
  • Cagla Akyol (Germany)
  • Paschalina Mitrakou (Greece)
  • Vasiliki Millousi (Greece)
  • Myropi Christofilaki (Greece)
  • Evangelina Plyta (Greece)
  • Noemi Makra (Hungary)
  • Luka Diveky (Hungary)
  • Dorina Boczogo (Hungary)
  • India McPeak (Ireland)
  • Emma Lunn (Ireland)
  • Nicole Mawhinney (Ireland)
  • Norma Robertsdottir (Iceland)
  • Dominique Belanyi (Iceland)
  • Tina Odinsdottir (Iceland)
  • Thelma Hermansdottir (Iceland)
  • Ofir Nezer (Israel)
  • Carlotta Ferlito (Italy)
  • Giorgia Campana (Italy)
  • Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)
  • Elisa Meneghini (Italy)
  • Valerija Grisane (Latvia)
  • Laura Svilpaite (Lithuania)
  • Ana Koniuchovate (Lithuania)
  • Chantysha Netteb (Netherlands)
  • Noel Van Klaveren (Netherlands)
  • Haldis Sandoy Naeurum (Norway)
  • Kararzyna Jurkowska (Poland)
  • Ana Martins (Portugal)
  • Ekaterina Kislinskaya (Portugal)
  • Sandra Izbasa (Romania)
  • Larisa Iordache (Romania)
  • Diana Bulimar (Romania)
  • Aliya Mustafina (Russia)
  • Maria Paseka (Russia)
  • Anastasia Grishina (Russia)
  • Ksenia Afanasiieva (Russia)
  • Sasa Golob (Slovenia)
  • Teja Belak (Slovenia)
  • Ilara Kaslin (Switzerland)
  • Laura Schulte (Switzerland)
  • Jessica Diacci (Switzerland)
  • Giulia Steingruber (Switzerland)
  • Barbora Mokosova (Slovakia)
  • Ida Gustaffson (Sweden)
  • Demet Mutlu (Turkey)
  • Ozlem Ozkan (Turkey)
  • Sema Aslan (Turkey)
  • Daria Matvyeva (Ukraine)
  • Maria Livchikova (Ukraine)
  • Angelina Kysla (Ukraine)
  • Olena Vasylieva (Ukraine)
Belgium need to send a team. 

You have until 16th April at 9:59pm GMT to send your teams. 

Remember: 8 gymnasts, 2 reserves, 4 on each event only.

You can change your team once before the closing date.


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  1. French gymnasts will not going to the Europeans because Marine Brevet is injured, and for others, the selection comittee didn't approve their participations. So I think you can remove their names ;)